Woodworking with Technology

We use our technology and expertise to craft details that will make your project more valuable.   

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There is no substitute for practice.

We work with our customers to craft decorative project details that are hard to create unless you have the right tools and experience. Since 1991 our family has crafted over 10,000 custom wood working and laser cut projects. With each project we find new challanges and each customer has their own unique way. It's through the practice of our craft and our understanding of our customers that helps us to build custom projects that add unique value.

What We Do

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Laser Cutting

Lasers use a focused beam of light to cut through materials. We have large lasers and can do big projects. We are experts at laser cutting wood. 

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Laser Engraving

Laser engravers work like printers. The laser passes over the material and burns an image right into the surface. We have several large format machines that are capable of engraving large parts or many parts in one setup.

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CNC Routing

One of our best woodworking tools. Our flatbed CNC router can use several different cutters to create parts in 3 dimensions. We have done some very interesting projects with our CNC router.

Our Process

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Graphics Design & Artwork

Often customers ask us to help design the artwork for their project and we have several talented artists that we work with that can create a custom design for you.

When designing artwork for our projects we typically will start from a hand sketch , vectorize the pattern and do a rendering to propose the project in color. Our artists can create patterns and graphics for your projects if you desire.

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Approval Prints & Engineering

Properly communicating the specification of a project is a key part of creating a consistant result and is important for a sucessful work.

Often times customers have a concept of what they would like but we'll work with them to develop the specification and then we create an approval print for thier review.

Our drafters have over 25 years of experience in creating engineering drawings and approval prints for custom orders.

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Machining Your Project

We have invested in a quite unusual set of tools in order for us to create some highly detailed woodworking projects. We consider ourselves woodworkers with technology.

Our machinists have experience with creating over 10,000 custom parts and projects with our equiptment.

Through experince and understanding of what works that helps us to provide you with a smooth project and quality details.  Wether we are creating a fully custom work or just some components or details we have the experience to make your project work out well.

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Woodworking & Finishing

We are often asked to create custom panels, marquetry, inlay, carvings, signage and woodworking projects. 

We have a small woodworking and finishing shop and we have have the ability and practice to make completed custom works.

We are located in Grand Rapids, MI which is well known for it's high quality wood working and we have relationships with several craftsmen and woodworking companies that can accomplish the work you are looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a minimum quantity per order?
A: We often create projects that are just one part. We do generally ask for minimum of $500 per order for new customers.

Q: Do you do other things than wood?
A: Yes. We also have practice with plastics, fabrics and many other organic materials. In fact it seems are we known as a go-to for uniquely challenging projects. We do NOT cut metal.

Q: Can I supply material?
A: Yes, we often use customer material and process parts that they have made for a project. We often add logos or decorative details to our customer's products.

Q: How quickly can you complete our project?
A: The majority of our projects are completed in 1-5 weeks. Larger or more complex projects take longer. For out-of-time projects we offer a expedited service for an additional charge.

Get In Touch

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A Short Version of a Long Story

Our company was started in 1991 By Don Carpenter in Grand Rapids, MI. Today we are owned by Corey Carpenter and we have several family members working in the business. We have a passion for woodworking, unique tools & lots of practice.

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