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CNC Vcarving of and organic pattern gives a detailed faceted prism carved look to this pattern. Made with Peruvian Walnut .

CNC Routed VCarving

V Carving is a CNC routing (subtractive) process using a cutter that is pointed in the tip and wide at the top. Typically these cutters are 45 degrees but you can also get them at a longer angle for more detailed work. When a design is made with a v carve technique the image creates prism carving in the material giving the carving a faceted look.

The benefit of using this technique is that it a very good value in terms of efficiency of creating the pattern, and machine times are very low as compared to many other CNC carvings. 

One of the best uses for CNC carvings is signage and text. It also is a good choice for larger patterns and detailed faceted carvings for decorative woodworking projects.

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