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Veneer Selections

Shown here is a brief selection of the veneer figures and cuts that we commonly use. There are a huge variety of species, figures and cuts available. Each veneer will have it's own unique character. Let us know what you might like to use in your project and we'll see what is available.

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Beeswing > Figure
Beeswing is a very tight and delicate figure that shows contrast from the light and the dark. Typically quarter cut.

See also - Block Mottle

Birds Eye > Figure
Bird's eye figure consists of small "eyes" and will often have a wavy grain pattern surrounding them.
Typically this figure is found in rotary cut sugar maple but may be rarely found in species such as mahogany, birch, beech, walnut and ash.

Block Mottle > Figure
Block mottle has a larger checker effect between the light and the dark of the figure. Typically found in quarter cut veneers.

Burl > Figure
A burl is actually a deformity where an outgrowth continually tries to grow new branches in the same small area and is somehow confused.
Burls are highly sought after for thier unique character and vary from one example to the next.

Crotch > Figure
A crotch figure is cut from the section of the tree where the branches come out from the trunk.
Crotch figure looks similar to flat cut but will typically have a "fire" in the center of the veneer and greater light and dark to the sides.


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