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Marquetry can add a rich and unique character to your product offering and add to the overall profitability of your project.

Design Value

Marquetry has been used for centuries to add a unique character to furniture and architectural millwork. As marquetry is a craft that has historically been used in high end works, it tends to be viewed with a high level of perceived design value.


The costs involved with producing marquetry are typically start in the moderate range.
Factors driving the final cost are: the size, materials chosen, detail and number of parts being produced.
The development and programming in a work of marquetry can be a large portion of the total cost for a "custom one off" .

With a well designed marquetry work, cost can be balanced with design value in order to produce a treasured, interesting and profitable product.

Marquetry - Inlay - Laser Cut Wood - Raster Engraving
Vector Engraving


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