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This example shows each part cut into the field material individually. If there are any discrepancies with the size, it is averaged over each part.

This example shows each part nested to each other. If there is a discrepancy with the size the gap will end up multiplying and is all to one side.

The complexity of the design

We are able to achieve a great level of detail in a work of marquetry, and are practiced at doing very difficult and complex designs. We also find that if you consider a few key concepts you can lower the end cost of your product.

Number of Parts and Detail
Generally, fewer parts make for an easier assembly. You can design really small detailed parts in marquetry, but if you can't see them from 3 ft consider if they are necessary. Larger elements are easier to produce and will often give you the desired effect.

Stacking Tolerance
(See example above)
One element of complexity has to do with how many parts will rest against each other, or interlock.

Marquetry - Inlay - Laser Cut Wood - Raster Engraving
Vector Engraving


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