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ALCT can laser cut many types of felt with a clean edge.

Laser Cut Felt

Laser cutting is an alternative to die cut felt. We have a much lower setup cost to create your project as we don't have to build special dies to make custom shapes from fabric. With our laser cutting service you can create multiple patterns and shapes from felt with no quantity minimums and we can do rapid prototyping.

For natural fiber felt the material typically leaves a slightly brown edge and for natural / acrylic felt the edges become polished and sealed.

Typicially we ask our customers to supply the material for the project and we do material testing at no charge.

We also have a graphics design department ready to help you with your files or create competely new art with your direction.

At ALCT it's our specialty to work with small custom projects as well as high volume. We'd love to talk to you about your project.

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