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Custom Wood Shapes 

At ALCT, laser cutting custom wood shapes is a specialty of ours. We have the capacity to create large scale projects and specialty laser cut wood shapes. We have several customers that we create unfinished wood craft supplies.

Wholesale Craft Supplies 

If you are looking for wholesale craft supplies we are the right place for you. We create projects for many customers on a contract basis. Making your own wood shape patterns is easier than you might think. We have low setups and order minimums and you can get a truly unique project by using our service.

With our wholesale laser cutting services and CNC routing services we can help you to source out the decorative portion of your craft. Our service saves you time and helps you to make more money with your product.

Custom Artwork 

We don't have a "catalog" of patterns to you choose from. We typically create the artwork for your project just for you.

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We'd love to bid a project for you.

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